Guideline and Submission of articles


The journal "Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Studies" has been published at the Institute of Oriental Studies of NAS RA since 1960. This scholarly journal publishes research on the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history of South-Western Asian countries, as well as on source studies and philology. Significant attention is also paid to the coverage of political developments in the region, international relations and other issues. The periodical also publishes works on the relations between other regions of Asia and North Africa. The articles of the periodical are published in Armenian, Russian, English and other European languages. The periodical is published twice a year. Articles must be submitted for the first issue of the given year by the 15th of May of the same year, and by the 15th of September for the second issue. Articles can be submitted to the journal only by researchers with a scientific degree (for those who do not have a degree, only by the decision of the editorial board).

The official website of the journal is: http://www.orientcpnme.am, e-mail: journal@orient.sci.am.


Submission and Requirements for the articles


Authors should bring their articles in line with the following style requirements of the periodical "Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Studies". The volume of the article should be up to 15 pages, including summaries and bibliography (larger volume by editorial decision).

  • To submit the article layout in both electronic (Word - doc, docx), and paper versions (Articles sent from abroad or outside Yerevan, only in electronic version, to the e-mail address of the periodical: journal@orient.sci.am) (layout: font size - 12, line spacing - 1.5, not more than 3500 words).
  • To submit the texts in Armenian in GHEA Grapalat font, and in other languages in Times New Roman font (the same principle in footnotes and in bibliography).
  • The title of the article, the name and the surname of the author should be in capital letters.
  • Before the text of the article, after the keywords, give a brief summary of the content of the article (it should be presented in the language in which the article is presented, the layout: font size - 12, line spacing - 1, not more than 250 words. Armenian texts should be submitted in GHEA Grapalat font, and in other languages ​​in Times New Roman font).
  • The author also submits the English title of his article, his name and surname in English (if the text of the article is in Armenian). If the text of the article is in English or in other European languages ​​and the author is not from abroad, then he also submits the title of his article, his name and surname in Armenian.
  • To submit along with the articles also 10 Keywords (Բանալի բառեր, Ключевые слова) in Armenian and English.
  • If there are abbreviations in the article, then at the end of the article, after the bibliography, give the list of the opened abbreviations.
  • To give the footnotes under each page of the submitted article.
  • To give the footnotes according to the language of the referenced work.
  • Line spacing of the footnotes - 1, font in Armenian - GHEA Grapalat, font in other languages - Times New Roman, font size - 10.
  • To highlight the surnames of the authors and the year mentioned in the footnotes in BOLD. To do the same in the bibliography at the end of the article.
  • To provide the footnotes (articles, books, reports) as follows: Պողոսյան 2019, 36: Poghosyan 2019: 36. Погосян 2019: 36.
  • To give the webpages and internet articles presented in the footnotes as follows: Poghosyan P., Title, date, web address.
  • To give the articles in the footnotes from daily newspapers as follows: Poghosyan "The name of the daily newspaper in quotes", the date of the daily newspaper and the issue No.
  1. If two persons with the same surname are given in the footnotes, it is necessary to indicate the first letter of the name (only in this case): Poghosyan P. 2019: 36.  Poghosyan K. 2019: 115.
  2. If in the footnotes the same author has published two or more works in the same year, which are referred to in the submitted article, it is necessary to write as follows: Poghosyan 2019a: 36. Poghosyan 2019b: 76.
  3. If the same link of the same author is continuously repeated in the footnotes, in the case of Armenian it should be given as follows: Նույն տեղում:. In case of footnotes in English and other European languages - Ibid., In case of Russian - Там же.
  4. Pictures, maps and tables presented in the article: In case if pictures, tables, and maps are included in the article, they must be at least 300 dpi. In the article, the pictures, tables and maps should be numbered and titled.
  5. At the end of the article, to present the BIBLIOGRAPHY (in Armenian: ԳՐԱԿԱՆՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ, in Russian: ЛИТЕРАТУРА (in capital letters, Bold).
  6. To submit the list of bibliography in alphabetical order. To submit the used literature in the following order: Armenian, Russian, English or other European languages.
  7. To indicate in the list of bibliography the work (book, article) in full: Poghosyan P. 2019, the title of the article or the book, place of publication, year, pages.
  8. The unpublished dissertations used in the bibliography are presented as follows: Poghosyan P. 2019, Title (unpublished dissertation, Institute of Oriental Studies of NAS RA). In case of a book, also mention the publishing house.
  9. The URLs of the websites and internet articles in the bibliography should be listed in full and if possible, also the day you last visited the site.
  10. Articles in the bibliography from daily newspapers and magazines: Poghosyan P., The title, "The name of the daily newspaper in quotes", the date of the daily newspaper and the issue No.
  11. Published thesis or article of the conference presented in the bibliography: Poghosyan 2019, title of the report or the thesis, title of the conference, venue, date.
  12. If the same author is presented in the bibliography with several works, then it is necessary to present those works according to the sequence of the years of publication.
  13. If the article is presented in Armenian, it is necessary to give a summary in English after the Bibliography (not more than 200 words) / it is not necessary to write the word summary /. In case of an article submitted in English or another European language: a summary in Armenian. In case of Russian: Armenian and English summaries.
  14. To pay attention to the Latin transliterations of the Armenian and Russian alphabets posted in the Periodical and on the website. In the bibliography, it is necessary to give the Armenian and Russian literature with that transliteration (if the article is in English or another European language), at the same time to indicate in brackets the English version of the title of the literature used in the work.

Summaries should be the concise content of the text. In case of summary in Armenian: font size - 12, line spacing - 1, font - GHEA Grapalat. In English and Russian summaries - Times New Roman font. The title of the article should be written in capital letters before the text of the summaries (in the center). Keywords (Բանալի բառեր, Ключевые слова) are written in the appropriate language before each summary text. Keywords given in all languages must be identical.

  • To present at the end of the article, the scientific degree of the author, the place of work, position and e-mail address.
  • The articles should only be sent to the following e-mail address: journal@orient.sci.am 
  • Immediately after receiving the article, the authors will be informed about it, as well as about the expediency of publishing it and submitting it for review.

We draw the authors' attention to the features of the following system of references, and expect that they will be strictly adhered to while submitting the articles. In case of non-conformity with the principles of this system, the editorial board of the journal reserves the right not to accept the articles for discussion (you can also get acquainted with the reference system at http://www.orientcpnme.am.